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It is the intent and policy of Lavante Garde to meet the quality requirements of projects by designing and supervising constructing facilities in strict conformation with recognised and sound practices,applicable codes,regulatory requirements and contractual commitments. The resultant facilities and other services provided are intended to make provision for the protection and preservation of public health and safety.While the Directors are primarily responsible for the development and implementation of the overall Quality Assurance Programme, it is the responsibility of each Project architect to ensure that this company policy is strictly carried out,regardless of scope and location.The Project Director shall develop and implement a written quality plan for the project, which defines the procedures to be followed in meeting the requirements of 'Lavante Garde, Client and regulatory bodies during the design and construction phases and the safety management organisation responsible for verifying compliance with the plan.The Project Director is responsible for providing qualified personnel and procedures to meet project requirements and for monitoring and verifying that the quality of work performed by the assigned personnel is in accordance with those requirements.

Each Project Architect is responsible for knowing, understanding and conforming to the requirements of each assigned task and for initiating action to change requirements which are no longer valid.In the event of a quality problem being unresolved by the Project Engineer it shall be reported to the Project Director for his action.


It is the intent of Lavante Garde Consult to design, and construct facilities in strict conformance with the obligations in the field of health and safety at work by international/national regulatory requirements and by contractual conditions.The Directors are primarily responsible for the development and implementation of safety

management. This responsibility has been delegated to the Project Architect.Each Project Architect is responsible for ensuring that the specified project safety plan are complied to on site.The Project Engineer will, via the imposed conditions of contract and otherwise, co-ordinate and monitor the safety performance of Contractors and Sub-Contractors, including the submission of written method of statements; participation in safety incentive schemes and accident reporting.

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